Happy New Year 
Thursday, January 6, 2011, 10:10 AM
Posted by Administrator
Wow, two posts all last year. That just seems sad to me, I know I can do better. It was a challenging 2010. I can officially call myself an amateur triathlete, my volunteer football coaching career has come to an end, we entered the scary world of our teenage daughter dating and I worked more hours for the “man” than I think I ever had any year previous. That’s just the tip of the iceberg but let’s not talk about the past. Let’s talk about 2011. Will there be more free time for the automotive hobby? Probably not. Will I move it up the priority list? Absolutely.

I see major family dynamic changes in the future. The kids are turning into young adults and I can feel myself resisting this change. They need more responsibility and more freedom and I’m not sure I trust them with either. Can I transition them to adulthood without them hating my guts? Time will tell.

The buzzword for 2011: “Lawn Care”. I plan on having one of my nicest yards ever and everyone is getting involved regardless if they like it or not. We’re building character here! Plant a tree that will actually survive the summer. Start a garden, just a small one to start, maybe a salsa garden. Settle on one species of grass in the yard and eradicate all others!

And if there is time… stroke a 360 to a 408! YES!

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