Are you ready for some Football? 
Sunday, August 30, 2009, 05:39 PM
Posted by Administrator
Football season is upon us again which means there will not be much time for anything else. Back to coaching my sonís team and this time itís getting serious. We were moved from a D2 division to a D1 division and that steps up the competition level quite a bit. All the pressure is on us coaches to get these kids ready for their first game next week. So thatís pop warner football and it is a lot of fun. My daughter is in the marching band as a freshmen in high school and they work harder than the football players, I am so impressed. Now we will be at all the high school games. Then there is college football and I have season tickets to the Texas home games. Since the pop warner games are on Saturday also I may not get to see all of them but I donít miss it so much when it comes to watching 10 year olds having fun playing. I think my fantasy football may suffer because I will be sleeping all day Sunday. Sorry Cowboys, I just may not have enough left in the tank to worry about how low the HD screen is this week.
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