Unexpected Progress 
Tuesday, February 1, 2011, 03:50 AM
Posted by Administrator
A nicer that expected day Sunday lured me to the garage where I began to destruct, I mean deconstruct the engine for removal. After several hours of work my son came by and asked if he could help. He tore into it and didnít quit until we had stripped down most of the top and pulled that beast from the frame. He even helped cleanup afterwards. Now we have the engine on the stand ready to begin the transformation from tired to torrential. It feels so good to get that part done and even better that my son helped out so much. Even my father came over to help finish off the lift, so it was nice work done by three generations of garage mechanics.
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Happy New Year 
Thursday, January 6, 2011, 05:10 PM
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Wow, two posts all last year. That just seems sad to me, I know I can do better. It was a challenging 2010. I can officially call myself an amateur triathlete, my volunteer football coaching career has come to an end, we entered the scary world of our teenage daughter dating and I worked more hours for the ďmanĒ than I think I ever had any year previous. Thatís just the tip of the iceberg but letís not talk about the past. Letís talk about 2011. Will there be more free time for the automotive hobby? Probably not. Will I move it up the priority list? Absolutely.

I see major family dynamic changes in the future. The kids are turning into young adults and I can feel myself resisting this change. They need more responsibility and more freedom and Iím not sure I trust them with either. Can I transition them to adulthood without them hating my guts? Time will tell.

The buzzword for 2011: ďLawn CareĒ. I plan on having one of my nicest yards ever and everyone is getting involved regardless if they like it or not. Weíre building character here! Plant a tree that will actually survive the summer. Start a garden, just a small one to start, maybe a salsa garden. Settle on one species of grass in the yard and eradicate all others!

And if there is timeÖ stroke a 360 to a 408! YES!

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1 Step Forward 2 Steps Back 
Monday, June 7, 2010, 03:39 AM
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Hope the first car repair of the summer is not a sign of things to come. Water pump gasket leaking so easy cheap fix right. Well... would have been cheap unless you break 2 things while you fix the one. I happened to destroy a spark plug cable. Not a big deal except they only sell them in a set, $50. Then the radiator drain plug decided to stop working, only $5. So my $3 fix was a little closer to $60 with an extra hour of labor thrown in. To balance that out I went ahead and fixed a few annoying things too. Sure felt good to have a weekend without baseball to get this stuff done even though this season was such a joy to coach. So proud of the kids and their runner up finish in the league championship.
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Truck Stuff! 
Tuesday, March 9, 2010, 11:50 PM
Posted by Administrator
I originally started this site to talk about cars. I have a truck project I wanted to chronicle here. Unfortunately I do not get to work on it very often; there is always something to take up that ever so valuable hobby time. There is work; I work more hours now than ever, price of success? Yeah, letís go with that. Kids; the older they get the more they want to do. Better take advantage of the time we get before they get too old. So I have to squeeze as much work on it during a few summer months. Yesterday was like an early Christmas present. I got an entire 4 speed manual transmission conversion to replace the existing 3 speed automatic. Very exciting stuff! I know itís going to be a long project but I keep making it longer. Better start reeling in some of the customization. So far the transmission conversion may be the hardest part. But letís add in a custom 4 link rear end, swapping out rear gears and a custom dash. At least I havenít decided to add airbag suspension.
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The New Year 
Friday, January 1, 2010, 01:26 AM
Posted by Administrator
The New Year is upon us and I hope I am up for the challenge. This past year was full of challenges and left me a little tired. I'm hoping I can build up a head of steam early this year and really get my personal projects moving forward. Career wise I had one of my most successful years, I really learned a lot and donít see that slowing down. For my personal goals I would like to make headway on the truck that is now in many many pieces. I have set the mark low, just the engine and a little frame clean up for this summer. My amateur coaching career seems to have defined me that past few years and this year will step it up a notch. Looks like I will be managing a Baseball team and a Football team, but not at the same time. I think about how to make each successful all the time and I hope I can do right by the kids that are entrusted to me. Now for just me: Training has already begun for the Cap 10k April 11 and my first Triathlon on May 31. I hope to improve my time on the 10k by 10 minutes and hope to finish the Tri even though it is just the entry level variety. Depending on how that one goes I may be competing in 2 more. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and enjoys some safe New Year festivities. Good luck in the coming month!
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