Mar 232011

So I completed the bike redesign and upgrade project in time for a nice Sunday ride. The bike performed great, it fells like a completely different bike. It was noticeably lighter and more responsive. The new handle bars and grips kept my hands from going numb, especially since I had my gloves on correctly (just kidding CK). The gear derailleurs and brakes worked well. This was a major concern considering I had to remove the cables completely to get the bike apart. I think the only thing left is a little more fine tuning on the headset; an additional 10mm spacer and maybe an 80mm neck will put them exactly where they need to be. Other than that I consider the bike done. The only parts I plan on changing are the ones that wear out and maybe moving to a CO2 kit for flat repairs instead of the bulky pump I have now.

The next major project will be to build a bike from scratch, maybe an all carbon fiber frame with Ultegra components. Then I can pass this bike down to my son since he is getting bigger and showing interest in riding with me.

Here is the ride information as recorded by runtastic. A nice slow ride through the hill country.

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