Apr 262015

Between the cold, the heat, the rain and the NBA playoffs there are endless distractions to keep me out of the garage. Getting started is the hard part. I shook off the winter blues and started today. But wait, the winter months generated a nice layer of clutter on top of all the parts and tools. Three hours later… I get started again. Now where was I. Ah yes, brakes lines and the missing brake distribution block. Of all the parts I figured I could not buy new this is not one of them. A quick internet search and quickly I realize I really need to find this thing or I will be wading through junk yards for countless hours. So I spent another two hours looking through every box of parts that came off the truck. I was sad to find that I didn’t remember removing more than a few of them. There were many exclamations of “Hope I took a picture of that thing before I took it off!” I finally found the part and of course it was in the very last box. Small victories! With part in hand I think my schedule is still intact. Next time I will get some serious work down!

Here is confirmation of a successful treasure hunt along with a bonus master cylinder:


Brake Distribution Block

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  2 Responses to “Getting Started… Again”

  1. I hand-bent all new brake lines for my ’74 Plymouth Duster. That was well worth it.

    A fellow (senior) crew chief once told me, “It doesn’t matter how many horses you have under the hood if you can’t stop.”

    • New brake lines is still an option. Still need to evaluate the old ones.

      Do you still have that Duster? Did you post pictures anywhere? I would love to link them from this site along with a story on the work you did on it.