Jul 032015

Who knows how these things happen. You are harmlessly browsing the internet and all of a sudden you are watching Kimbo Slice videos on YouTube. I was in such a meandering mood a few weeks back and found myself on Craigslist. Oh, the stuff you can find on Craigslist. On this occasion I found myself looking at Go Karts. I had one as a kid and I was feeling nostalgic. I wanted my kids and my niece and nephews to experience the same joy. I ended up finding one just a few miles from the house and after a few messages back and forth arranged a time to meet and complete the purchase.

The thing was plenty crusty and didn’t hide any of its redneck scars. The thing ran pretty good but it needed at least a little attention to make sure it was completely safe. Well, as safe as an inherently unsafe toy can get. Once my son and I inventoried the items to fix/replace it was only a small step to a complete restore. I am embarrassed to say how much we spent on new parts. A lot more than I ever planned but in the end it seems to be all worth it. My son got a chance to use his new metal working skills to replace the rusty parts and got a chance to learn about small engine maintenance.

A short list of repairs:

  • New front bumper we built from scrap metal
  • New floor pan
  • New pedals
  • New wheels and tires (golf cart tires on the back adds to the hot rod style)
  • New rear axle with new bearings, wheel hubs and sprocket
  • Replaced the redneck throttle cable with a slightly less redneck version
  • Custom seat pads from left over foam and vinyl
  • The engine still runs strong so it just got a nice cleaning and a new air filter

This not so short list sounds more like we just built a new cart but the soul of the old Go Kart is still there.

On to some pictures.

Complete but in need of rescue.

Old Go Kart

Down to the bare frame. Floor pan and front bumper removed.

Bare Frame

Back together.Skinny tires up front. Big fat ones out back. Hot Rod style.

New Go Kart

Niece and Nephew all geared up for some fun.

Niece and Nephew having fun

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