Sep 022014

Sorry Number 5, this truck has already been disassembled. I am just now getting around to talking about the tear down process. I will not bore you with all the details of taking a vehicle completely apart. Most people will never try, most are not stupid enough to consider it. Maybe I will drop a post with a lot of pictures of the tear down.

The process is rather simple.

  1. Take pictures
  2. Lefty loosy
  3. Put it in a bag
  4. Label it
  5. Take more pictures
  6. Find a place to store it
  7. Find a place to store it that does not piss off the wife

As a drive way mechanic growing up I could not always afford new parts. Junk yards aren’t that scary just make sure you are up on your shots. Could not always afford special tools. Did not always have the patience to adhere to safe practices. I managed to grow up and get a good job so I can afford all those things I could not before. Patience, not so much.

I apologize and recommend you do not do what I am about to show you. I am embarrassed to even share these but maybe someone will learn from my mistakes, even if I do not. Keep in mind these pictures are about 5 years old (2009) so I can safely say I would never attempt this ever again.


Tear down had finally reached the point to where the cab needed to be removed. I don’t have a lift, crane or fork lift capable of lifting the cab off of the frame. What I did have was a jack, landscape timbers, a butt load of loose paver stones and a bunch of people willing to help (or witness a new level of fail).


Yes, i did that and surprisingly we all survived.

Cheated death again! All the spectators were truly disappointed there was no blood. Landscape timbers have so many uses, but not for fence posts, just stop Pulte!

My sister expresses her approval of a job well done.

I hope you have all learned a lesson, I sure have, maybe.

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