Jul 252014

I have had years to think on what I want to do with this truck. At first I thought I would shoot for the moon and make a show car. Really, have you ever seen a Dodge D-150 show car. Exactly, so lets not go there. This is my first frame off restore so really how long and how far do I want to go. Since I don’t want this project to be the only restore I complete in my life I figure it should be simple and just finish it. So I will learn my lessons and apply them to the next project. Since I am not really working to resell the finished product and I have plans for future restores then it makes sense for this to end up being a shop truck. This does not mean it needs to be boring. The fellas at Gas Monkey Garage have recently advanced the idea that the shop truck should still be a cool truck that anyone would love to drive. Big engine, big power, low, fast and loud. Here are a few examples.


So that’s what I am going to do with this truck. Lower it, stroke the 360LA to 408, swap the 3 speed auto for a 4 speed manual transmission, bigger rims and a loud exhaust. There are a few custom items but a lot fewer than when I first started: remove the window wing and replace with solid door glass, custom dash, grill and since this is Texas an updated AC unit. Here are a few inspirational pictures of a 78 Warlock.

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