Jun 092014

So here is the truck. It is a 1984 Dodge D-150 step-side short-bed.

These trucks were designed for work. Most of them ended up seeing a lot of hard times but you would be amazed at how durable these trucks truly are. This particular truck was not a farm truck or a trailer hauler. No, its destiny was even more challenging… A teenagers first car, not once, but twice. A good friend of mine and his younger brother both drove this as their first car all through high school. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. Once the boys were done with it, it sat for quite a while. Then I decided I had to have it. They sold it to me cheap and I actually drove it for awhile. It was a good driving truck, just not a good daily driving truck due to the fact it was a little mpg challenged.

So what do I do with this thing. It’s not going to be a commuter and I don’t live on a farm but everyone can use a truck. I decided to tear it down and see what makes it tick. I grew up taking apart just about everything else mechanical I have ever owned so why not this thing. If I can’t put it back together I’m not out any real money and maybe finally I would learn the lesson I never did growing up.

I want to keep each of these posts short and since I actually started tearing the truck apart over five years ago I will not be in a rush trying to get the documentation caught up all at once. Needless to say, the truck is completely apart. It was a great learning experience. Writing about it here will be another form of learning. Next time I will tell you what the plan is on putting it back together. In future posts I hope to talk about the tools, products and skill used to do all the work.

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