May 132014

Thanks Bob Barker,

It is part of human nature to dream, whether it be about saving a damsel in distress, dating a super model or driving a sports car. Maybe, all of the above, at the same time. I am no different and a lot of my dreams do center around owning/building cool cars. So what is so interesting about a 3 wheel, 3 cylinder, 2 seat metro car designed for commuting?

Cars can be as unique as their owner and the task they are designed to perform. I guess that is why they are so appealing to me.  I love the Corvette for its history of innovation and how it represents the American spirit. I love old trucks for the function and the form. I love the big bad boats of the seventies for their excessive nature and over the top luxury – have you seen the size of the back seat in a 1974 LTD. And I love electric cars, the idea of alternative fuels is so hip. There is something about a car that can excel at the one purpose it was designed for. That is where Elio Motors comes in. The idea is simple and the tag line is almost all you need to know. Then when you see the car it seals the deal.

Must Have’s for the Elio Brand:

  • 84 MPG Highway
  • Engineered for an anticipated 5-Star Crash Test Safety Rating
  • American made
  • $6800

Payment Options

Your Elio can be purchased by traditional methods. You may have the opportunity to drive off with no money down, using a unique Elio credit card payment plan. The plan allows you to pay for your Elio over time when you charge fuel. Each time, there will be an extra charge equal to twice the fuel amount that automatically applies to the vehicle price. Think of it this way: For about what you have been paying to fuel your existing vehicle, you can fuel your Elio and buy it too!

A Car for Everyone

Its not really designed for everyone, but for the price maybe it really is! Around 140 million Americans commute to work via personal car. That means you most likely have a car payment and a monthly gas bill not to mention car insurance. Since most people can only afford to own one car it is most likely not specifically designed for commuting. I’m looking at you soccer mom in the Tahoe and you, country boy, in your 4×4. What if you could add a car without taking a hit to the wallet. A car specifically design to get you to work and back and still allow you to keep your existing car. I think Elio has done it if not gotten closer than anyone else. For the price of your monthly gas bill you could pay for an Elio and its gas. So if you shift your commuting to an Elio you would pay nearly the same amount and still have your other vehicle to use for its designed purpose. Enough chat lets look at the numbers.


Lets say you drive a car that gets 23.6 mpg (the average mpg for all cars sold in america in 2013) and you are lucky enough to only pay $3.5 a gallon for gas (just go with it) and your daily commute is 32 miles. That is ~ $103 a month for gas alone.

Now what if you did it in an Elio using their credit card payment plan. 84 mpg but double the gas purchase and add it as a payment. That gets you ~ $29 a month for gas alone + $58 toward the car loan for a grand total of $87 a month for gas and car payment. Well, what do you know.

I sure hope these guys can pull it off because these numbers get me almost excited as I do when driving that great American sports car I love so much. Check them out for yourself, I think you will be glad you did.

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