Jul 102011

I have been casually looking for a second road bike ever since completing
the Vigilante make over. On a recent visit to my aunt and uncles I was given a vintage
Ross road bike. My uncle is veteran triathlete that has decided he will retire
from the sport. He knew I was looking for another bike so he gave me this one.
It is all steel and slightly heavier than my other bike but still in really
good shape. When I got the bike home I gave it a quick top to bottom
inspection. Everything looks pretty solid, the front rim’s bearings look like
they need to be repacked but the wheel still rolls well and the seat no longer
has a cover or padding. All the components need to be cleaned up and the frame
needs to be touched up but I just wanted to get it safe to ride. I removed a
few unneeded items like reflectors and an old saddlebag and borrowed the seat from
my mountain bike. The bike rides nice, it is bigger than the Vigilante but it
actually fits me better and was very comfortable. I plan on stripping the bike
down and inspecting the components further and buy a new seat. Then touch up
the paint and put on a nice thick layer of clear coat. I want to maintain the
classic color and plan to keep it as close to original as possible. Here is a picture
of the bike as I got it.


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